Since going freelance in 2011, I have secured more than £7.5 million grant funding for my clients.

Fundraising is at the heart of what I do because this is what makes a project possible – with successful fundraising your great idea can become a reality.

The projects I have made possible through fundraising range from few £100 to several £million and include both existing projects needing funding to sustain activity and new project ideas. Most of my work involves securing grants from funders including National Lottery, Local Authorities and Charitable Trusts and Foundations. I can help you to identify potential funding sources, establish your case for support and prepare well thought through and convincing funding applications.

The National Lottery Heritage Fund

Around 75% of the grant applications I support are to The National Lottery Heritage Fund. As well as completing the application form, I can work with you to prepare:

  • Activity Plans
  • Audience Development Plans
  • Communication Plans
  • Management Plans
  • Business Plans
  • Budgets and Cashflows
  • Briefs and Job Descriptions
  • Full cost recovery calculations

I can also help you with supporting documents such as appropriate policies and systems to ensure a project runs smoothly.

Award-winning projects.

Since achieving funding, many of the projects I have supported have gone on to gain recognition in local, regional and national awards.

Northumbria Coalition Against Crime

I have worked with the Coalition since 2012 to find funding to support their highly successful Odysseus Mentoring Project. Working together with the Programme Manager, I prepare an annual funding plan and approach suitable funders with a request to sustain this much needed and life-changing project.

Northumberland Wildlife Trust

Supporting project development, grant fundraising, and evaluation across several projects. Recently, this includes some exciting partnership projects including Restoring Ratty (£450,000 grant), Kielderhead Wildwood (£354,000 grant), and the developing Wild City Partnership.

Bailiffgate Museum & Gallery

I think you are a real asset - a sensible, intelligent, independent, lateral thinking, creative person. It is very reassuring to know you are there!!

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