Measuring and learning from project success

The first step in evaluation will always be to establish what success looks and how we will know it is achieved.

We will start by agreeing success measures and indicators. I will then propose an evaluation plan which will ensure you can collect the right information to evidence project success. While I will expect this information to be collected by you, the analysis and review will be carried out by me, possibly working with trusted associates/subcontractors.

I am committed to making sure that project evaluation is a positive and useful experience for us all. My critical approach is always to identify what can be learnt from different situations and to look forwards to set new goals which build on success and overcome barriers or challenges.

DerwentWISE Landscape Partnership Scheme

Working in collaboration with filmmaker, Alan Fentiman, I carried out a participative evaluation for the partnership programme. A critical evaluation report was presented together with a series of films which highlighted programme success.

Action on Hearing Loss

Working collaboratively with freelance associate, Moira Walker, I was contracted to evaluate Action on Hearing Loss’s North East Rural Volunteer Outreach Project. This involved collating data, observing activities, and collecting feedback from volunteers and service users to produce a high-quality evaluation report for presentation to charity managers and funders.

Northumberland Wildlife Trust

Thank you for a very good evaluation report - very well written, honest, useful and plenty of food for thought and learning. I am sure this was not an easy report to write to get the tone and balance right, but you certainly achieved it. Thanks again.

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