I'm a freelance consultant

for the community, heritage, environmental, and charity sectors.

Since 2011, I have raised more than £7.5 million for charities and good causes.

I support organisations and projects at all stages of development, implementation and review.

I will work with you to:

  • Develop new ideas
  • Secure grants and income
  • Review strategic documents
  • Set a new vision
  • Evaluate activities

Specialising in heritage, environmental and community projects, I work with third sector organisations across the UK. Previous contracts range from just proofreading to developing full business plans or evaluative reports. I will work with you to provide the service you need, whether that is leading your project, facilitating a workshop, providing training, or just providing a critical eye.

Together we can achieve change and fulfil the potential of your organisation or project.

Northumberland Coast AONB Partnership

I can not begin to thank you adequately for all your amazing hard work, attention to detail and persistence. You got to grips with a complex project and an interesting bunch of partners, ideas and aspirations and have pulled it into a beautifully crafted project which I really hope HLF feel able to support. Thank you so much, it is a fantastic achievement - we couldn't have done it without you!

I am a professional, approachable, and flexible consultant who will bring expertise, focus, and new ideas to your project.

I have worked with volunteer-led groups, registered charities, non-governmental organisations and statutory bodies. With my support, clients have brought new projects to life and embedded change within their organisation.

As a working mum, my family, community, and local environment are important to me. You will see this in the way that I work and the projects that I support. I love my work and I’m very proud to have enabled projects which have:

  • Restored natural landscapes
  • Protected the historic environment
  • Celebrated our heritage
  • Supported vulnerable communities
  • Engaged more people
December 29, 2021

Looking back on 2021

As I look back on 2021 and wonder what 2022 will bring, I start to wonder when the unprecedented becomes precedented. Looking forward is difficult just now with so much uncertainty in our lives... Here I encourage projects to reflect and learn from their own experience and the experiences of others.

I would love to hear about your project

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